5 Best Tech Gadgets This Year

Winter holiday season is almost upon us. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, National Day, Independence Day, The King’s Birthday, Chanukah, Emperor’s Birthday, or Jamhuri, bringing a gift for the hostess is always appreciated.

Tech gadgets are always fun to give and receive, and chances are your friend, family, or colleague won’t already have it. Here are five of the best tech gadgets to give this year.

1. Solar Powered Power Bank. Solar chargers are coming down in price as more people are buying them. You can set them up in the window to charge up, then carry them in your bag or purse for those times when your smart phone runs low on power. Best of all, they require only a minimum initial investment of $20, and they are free to operate after that.

2. Google 3D VR Smart Phone Goggles. Unlike most Virtual Reality goggles that can cost upwards of $500, Google has designed these ones from cardboard. You can assemble them yourself from a kit for only $12. You can use your Android or your Apple phone for a true HD visual experience.

3. LED Lit Spider Mouse. This is a mouse made from clear acrylic plastic that actually has a dead spider encased within. The mouse actually lights up with bright colourful LED lights. If you know someone who needs a spider, err, mouse, this is under $15 and is sure to be a conversation starter.

4. Chloe Cat Flash Drive. The Secret Life of Pets was a popular movie this past season. Now you can purchase both a cat ornament of Chloe, and a 16GB USB flash drive in one. For $15, most people won’t know that her head pops off from her body to access the USB connector, so your files will be secure.

5. USB Voice Recorder. Some people like to record their thoughts rather than write them down, but many voice recorders are pricy. The VON Products voice recorder is around $20, and can be used as a portable dictaphone recorder. You can play back your messages at any time and one full charge lasts for up to 17 hours.

There are plenty of exciting gadget and devices to buy. They work with a computer, smart phone, or standalone and will make your gift recipient’s life fun and simple.